Innovative Practices

UPS Company and Foundation

Not only provides significant financial disaster relief and recovery support, but also, through the Foundation’s Humanitarian Relief and Resilience program, provide support across a broad range of humanitarian relief. This includes emergency preparedness, disaster response and post-crisis recovery through a full array of assistance. This often includes large grants, transportation, inventory tracking software, and technical experts who advise the foundation’s strategic partners regarding the distribution of food, medical supplies, and other necessary goods as efficiently and rapidly as possible. [See “Impact Stories” for more information on the UPS Foundation’s Relief and Resilience program.]


Johnson & Johnson

Responds to major natural and man-made disasters around the world. In the immediate aftermath of any major disaster, J&J works through its key domestic and international partners and local affiliates to quickly respond to critical health needs. Through partners such as MAP (Medical Assistance Programs) International, Johnson & Johnson provides disaster relief modules in areas prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, and other catastrophes. These modules include wound care, infection prevention, analgesic and orthopedic products. Consumer products designed for individual support include toothpaste, soap, and Tylenol, delivered to people within 24 hours after disaster and distributed through shelters.   Employees at local Johnson & Johnson companies volunteer to help in communities most affected.


The Verizon Foundation

Provided financial aid to businesses in Seaside Heights, NJ and other nonprofits in NJ and NY in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Also, the company provided hundreds of volunteers, including many senior leaders, who volunteered their time to clean up and rebuild a Jersey shore elementary school devastated by the storm. Miles of copper wires throughout NJ and NY were damaged by Sandy and the company replaced this telecommunications infrastructure with fiber cable.


The Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation

Provided funding support and in-kind donations (food, clothing, bedding) to the American Red Cross, United Way and other organizations providing direct relief in New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina), New York/New Jersey (Hurricane Sandy), Oklahoma Tornadoes and Northeast Tropical Storms in Florida.


Niagara Bottling

Has responded to disasters such as the Colorado flooding, Hurricane Sandy and the tsunami in Japan by providing safe, clean water to those affected by such catastrophic events. Niagara works with partners such as Feed The Children, American Red Cross, and Incident Action Planning (IAP), a subcontractor for Federal Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA), to provide aid in time of need. They have provided over 40 million bottles to Hurricane Sandy alone in addition to donating millions of bottles to relieve disasters around the globe.


Boehringer Ingelheim

Responded to natural disasters in the U.S. and worldwide (e.g., Hurricane Sandy, Haiti earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan). They donate medicines and medical supplies through the immediate response of one of their three product donation program partners (AmeriCares, MAP International, Direct Relief). Their partners have the operational expertise and work with many pharmaceutical and medical supply companies to send urgently needed medicines and supplies to locations where they can be immediately deployed.


The Home Depot

Works to ensure its customers have the supplies, resources and support needed to rebuild their homes and communities. To respond effectively, The Home Depot Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations like Team Rubicon, an organization that rallies military veterans to help and empower communities in the wake of a disaster. The Foundation also supports relief efforts for specifics events, and contributes to the American Red Cross’ Annual Disaster Giving Program to ensure it is prepared to respond immediately after a disaster strikes.


Microsoft Corporate Citizenship and Disaster Response Teams

Created HelpBridge, a free mobile app designed to help people connect quickly with one another during a time of disaster, discover and donate to organizations involved in disaster response work, and find relevant volunteer opportunities. This cross-platform mobile application (Windows Phone, Android, iOS) provides individuals with the ability to send status updates to pre-selected contact groups via email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. Through the phone’s GPS capabilities, users can also choose whether to share their location in their alerts.


Tide Loads of Hope Program

Ten years ago, in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Tide created Loads of Hope: a mobile laundromat developed to restore a sense of normalcy and dignity through the basic comfort of clean clothing for those in the midst of chaos. When towns have been affected by natural disasters, Tide employees roll out their mobile laundromats and do residents’ laundry for free. Multiple days are spent washing, drying and folding clothes for those who need it most. When the effects of a disaster are widespread, it can be difficult to find a centralized location where people can easily come to the emergency mobile laundromat. Therefore, in 2015, on the 10 year anniversary of the Tide Loads of Hope program, they introduced a new laundry truck that can be quickly deployed and can travel to multiple communities impacted by a disaster, enabling the company to better reach those in need.