Innovative Practices

The following are examples of innovative practices philanthropic organizations have supported, developed and/or implemented regarding employee assistance:

Foundation for the Carolinas

Received so many requests after Superstorm Sandy from companies wanting to establish a fund in order to help their employees that it had to hire temporary workers to help distribute the money. It now oversees approximately 10 funds for companies that are helping their employees recover.

Mississippi Power Foundation

Established a Family Services System. When a disaster strikes, the team deploys to their Operational Facility, built post Hurricane Katrina, where immediate outreach to affected employees and their families begins. This system is designed for employees to request and receive assistance in restoring their home to a safe environment (e.g.: fixing a hole in a roof or removing a downed tree).

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Recognized the gap in directly supporting individuals and, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, distributed Visa gift cards to all of its employees who were impacted by Sandy. The Fund implemented this practice after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 when Cantor Fitzgerald lost more than 300 employees.

Public Service Electric and Gas

Gave Visa gift cards to each of their employees impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

OceanFirst Foundation

Distributed Home Depot gift cards to Sandy impacted families and small businesses, including bank employees and other community members. Ocean County, New Jersey, where the Foundation is headquartered, received the greatest amount of damage caused by Superstorm Sandy with thousands of homes and businesses in need of repair.

Lockheed Martin

Created an employee disaster-relief fund after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The fund, overseen by the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, has since been repurposed as a general disaster-relief fund.

A.O. Smith Corporation

Started a disaster-relief fund with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to aid workers who had been affected by flooding in the spring of 2010.

St. Barnabas Healthcare Foundation

Distributed cash support to employees who were directly impacted by Superstorm Sandy within days after the storm hit.

City National Bank

Provided or facilitated donations in the form of employee gifts, corporate funds corporate match of employee gifts to organizations that address both immediate relief and long-term sustainable development in the wake of disasters. Other assistance came in the form of flexible scheduling, time off, and direct donations from other employees.

Capital One Financial Corporation

Established a fund with the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region in order to direct help to employees whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy.