Playbook Now

In the hours, days and weeks following a disaster, it can be difficult to decide on the most effective actions philanthropy can take in order to respond, especially if our organizations do not have preparedness plans in place prior to the emergency.

Below are several curated sections from The Playbook to help you get started. You can also access the Strategies section and find your organization’s key issue area(s) for more detailed ideas on how to respond.


Aging & Disabled Populations

Mature adults and people with disabilities are often more vulnerable when disaster strikes, and this vulnerability translates into a higher...

Animal Welfare

For many, animals are a source of companionship and affection, and provide essential mental support. As such, the safety and...


Funder Collaborations

In the wake of a significant disaster, successful long-term recovery will depend upon a large number of partnerships and collaborations,...

Impact Stories