The Disaster Philanthropy Playbook is a comprehensive resource of promising practices and innovative approaches to guide the philanthropic community in responding to future disasters.

The Playbook compiles ideas and approaches from multiple organizations and is an evolving resource designed for relevant updates and knowledge-building. Community planning, civic rebuilding, legal services, housing, addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, working with local, state and federal government, mitigation and preparedness are some of the common issues faced by communities, post-disaster that are covered in detail in the Playbook.

The Playbook also allows individual donors and philanthropic organizations to prepare for all phases of a disaster through the development of a personalized “My Playbook” that can be easily tailored to specific needs, addressing these types of questions. What can we do to plan and prepare our community? What about mitigation? How do we help build a resilient community? What should we think about in the months and years after a disaster as we undertake the arduous path of recovery?

The Disaster Philanthropy Playbook was conceived as a joint project of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Council of New Jersey Grantmakers in association with the United Philanthropy Forum in 2016. See Our History for more information.

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